How to Draw Cartoon/Anime Faces

In every person lays an artist. To what extent is entirely up to you. Some of us express that art in music, theatre, dance, and the offbeat path of alternative art forms. Others paint, sketch, doodle, and sculpt. Within those genres is the light hearted art form of cartoons and the edgy craft of anime art. Believe it or not, it requires a certain knack and freedom of thought and expression to be able to represent natural forms in comical and illustrated ways. Learning how to draw in this manner is not entirely difficult but does require a shift from the norm of realistic art, but anyone can learn it, even you.

So how do you go about this mission to the cartoon world of art. Well quite simply, there are tons of sources out there that offer tips, tricks, and methods. Some are quite comprehensive and others just touch the surface and leave you wondering. One of the best books out there is “How to Draw Cartoon/Anime Faces”. It’s comprehensive nature and wonderfully low price, $5.49, is a great help to any budding artist looking to make the shift or start from a clean slate and influence.

But there are some basic attributes and skills that you can mill over here and then delve into further into with that book. Here mostly some starter points and things to keep in mind will be discussed so that you can determine if this is the path you want to take, which assuredly you will. Cartoon and anime art is superbly fun and allows your imagination to break those chains of realistic art and color outside the orthodox lines.

So let’s get started. The first rule of drawing a cartoon face is to completely simplify the face you are looking to draw and to MAKE SURE you exaggerate these simplifications either by overdoing certain features or just blowing things slightly out of proportion. Having fun with this step will definitely break the ice in your mind and start to let loose that imagination from your childhood or otherwise.

The thing you are looking for when you draw cartoon faces is to allow yourself to loosen up your drawing style so that each time you venture on to a new face, you haven’t restrained yourself to a specific form or style. This way you can churn these drawings out all the time without qualms or hold backs. The key to a great cartoonist, hobbyist or professional, is the ability to let you imagination run rampant and let those ideas flow through your hands. Even if it takes a hundred drafts and paper wads, just letting it out on paper will help you to hone your strengths and weaknesses. You may be surprised what you come up with and how artistic you really are. Before and after you find that core you can move on to books like “ “How to Draw Cartoon/Anime Faces” “ to further your base instruction on where to get started and how to follow through consistently.

Now drawing anime faces, on the other hand, is a little bit different. With this style you still tend to exaggerate features but it is a sharper and more edgy look. A much more concise source for this type of learning will be in the pages of “ “How to Draw Cartoon/Anime Faces” “ but this little snippet will get you on your way.

With anime art your focus on exaggeration is slightly different. You have a little more realism in the structure of the face but you exaggerate the focal points of the face that you would pay more attention to say in conversation with someone. So enlarging the eyes and pupils is a good start. Also, making the lips sharper and more poignant is another commonality in anime art. And most definitely you have to do up the hairstyle. Not too crazy but imagine an extreme version of every hairstyle and build from that.

Clothing with anime art is very important too. Usually very trendy and with very distinct lines, the fashion of anime art is supposed to coincide with the edgy nature of the artwork, sometimes depending on the plot of the storyline that you may attach to it. Now clothing tends to be a little tricky in the beginning but as you work with the formation of the lines and learn to use corners and rounds in the right places you’ll find that it will come naturally to you and you won’t have to think twice about it as you get better.


The key to drawing cartoon and anime faces is to start small and simple and work your way up. Getting too complex in the beginning can actually hinder your spectrum of creativity and limit the variety of styles you adhere to. You want to leave that door open for new ideas. You don’t have to have just one style. With these basics and some more awesome instruction from “How to Draw Cartoon/Anime Faces” “ you’ll be on your way to a really cool hobby or an interesting career.

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